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HELP Healthy Lifestyles for Elderly People

This is a European Level Project which aims to empowering older people in Europe to adopt healthy lifestyles which include a healthy diet, physical activity, and social participation.

HELP aims to develop the quality and cost-effective-ness of services for older people by promoting cooperation between service providers and recommendations on communal elderly services.

While the aims of preventative health care and active ageing are widely recognized, there is still a lack of knowledge and skills how to efficiently prevent health problems and exclusion of older people considering the wholeness of a person. HELP answers to this challenge by developing tools for supporting healthy lifestyles and active citizenship of older people.


The e-Learning Platform

The creation of a HELP platform for elderly people aim becoming an innovative method to acquire, develop, find out, share good practices and learn cooperatively as well as to share materials with European elderly people to enlarge its possibilities of mobility and insertion in a different culture.

This will be a platform which will integrate different complementary elements:

  • ✔ An on-line open network for elderly people where they can to learn to control the risks of their health and to maintain their healthy lifestyles.
  • ✔ A system to gather all existing resources on the Internet, differentiated by type of healthy care.
  • ✔ An on-line chat to share experiences, doubts, or everything they need at the moment.
  • ✔ A tutoring and consulting system on-line.


AIJU (SPAIN) - Coordinator


Research centre is a non-profit organization aiming to boost research, development and technological innovation within regional industry, thus making it possible the achievement of a constant competitiveness increase and product quality improvement.

Its Educational Product Department comprises psychologists, educationalists, teachers and sociologists and has sufficient capacity to assess in aspects relating to human development, learning, play activities, consumer trends and behaviors, the search for new market opportunities etc.

The main goal of the Therapeutic Leisure for Health area is to develop games and playful applications based on new technologies, using advanced visualization and interfaces interaction, with a high therapeutic value and allow preventive enjoy new entertainment options while improving cognitive and sensory capabilities of the target group.

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The main goal of CIS is to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, competitiveness and innovation of regional enterprises through ad-hoc consultancy and specialized (vocational and corporate) training services that meet business needs. CIS designs and develops both market financed training packages (vocational and corporate intensive courses) and funded projects under national or EU resources.

CIS, in close collaboration with the Association of entrepreneurs and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia designs and manages vocational and corporate training courses, dissemination activities at local, regional and national level.

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Is a non-profit non-governmental organization, founded in 2005 by Monique EPSTEIN, the general manager of the association. E-Seniors aims at fighting e-exclusion by providing access to and training in ICT to seniors and/or disabled people.

Through its work for elderly people and with them the organization also tries to increase awareness about the importance of ICT solutions in everyday life. E-Seniors propose also interactive gaming activities in residences for the elderly, retirement homes and day-care centers.

Seniors invest resources in developing new applications and services to enable independent living as well as helping keep their physical and mental health.

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Through this project elderly people and experts in ageing involved in HELP project will get know the real meaning of the European Union. They will become aware of what it means to be a European citizen as they work together, share ideas and resources to produce joint resources. Participants and institutions and other actors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Erasmus+ Programme, as part of the EU educational and senior policies which may help them further in their career. They will become aware of their national and European identity and build confidence in their relationships with other European citizens.

On the other hand, HELP project is a chance for elderly people the participation in leisure activities and recreation creates a high level of welfare. The project involves different cultures as well as the entire centers of elderly people encouraging inter/crossdisciplinary work and stimulating intellectual work and outcomes. Polling together elderly people and project teams of several EU counties, the project will manage to make them think outside the box to solve social and educational issues and to place them against a European Background.



Many stakeholders will be part of this project

Elderly People

Elderly People
They will have access to an innovative user friendly tool for adult education.

Ageing Experts

Ageing Experts
They will have access to an innovative and user friendly tool they can use with elderly people in their day a day.


They will have access to an innovative and user friendly tool that will help them to keep in contact and be aware of the health state of their relative.

The participation of three different European Countries in this project will maximize the value of the idea, creating connections between people from different countries



Contact with us

    AIJU, Spain


    CIS, Italy


    E-SENIORS, France